Ever since 1974, the Prefectural Police Traffic department strive to use the latest in Japanese automotive safety and performance innovations, to create a safer and enjoyable driving experience for you and your family.In partnership with Japan's automobile manufacturers, we are updating our fleet of vehicles to meet our goals and your expectations.


Nissan March

Featuring an efficient 1400cc engine and a light curb weight, the new Nissan March patrol car is perfectly suited for country and outer city towns. The use of revolutionary technology enables this vehicle to be out on patrol more often, while reducing emissions and improving driver, passenger and pedestrian safety.

Suzuki Alto

Despite its size, the Suzuki Alto is perfect for navigating the tight city centres of Tokyo and Kyoto. With a peppy 660cc turbo engine, this pocket rocket can zip through tight streets and respond to emergencies and patrol the dense population centres of Japan.

Nissan Fairlady 370Z Nismo

This sleek, responsive and quick coupe combines the latest in Nissan motorsport technology and cutting-edge police pursuit technology. With its athletic 0-100 time of 4.8 seconds, you would be hard pressed to out-run our latest addition to the high-speed division.

Nissan Skyline R32

As a donation from NISMO Japan, the R32 has a pivotal role in putting Japan on the map of high-performance vehicles. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GTR, this heritage collection Skyline has been equipped with the latest patrol and high-speed response technologies. With 250kw on tap, this 4WD 2 door can keep up with almost all the newest sports vehicles.

Toyota Crown Undercover

Featuring a smooth and fuel efficient 3500cc V6, this unassuming undercover patrol car is the pinnacle of performance, efficiency and safety. With its primary use to be patrol and high-speed response in the country side, the clever V6 engine can shut down half of its cylinders, to save fuel and reduce emissions. However, as soon as duty calls, all 6 cylinders roar to life and transports officers to an emergency.

Mazda Atenza Undercover

Perfect for the mountainous regions around Fuji and Aichi prefectures, this nimble Mazda Atenza can carve up the twists and turns. With the newest Japanese innovations in automotive technology, the Atenza would be primarily deployed as an all-purpose vehicle, covering patrol, roadside speed monitoring and emergency response.

Subaru Legacy B4 Undercover

With a clever all-time 4WD system, the Legacy is our brand new all-weather undercover patrol and emergency response. With the ability to modulate power from the engine between all 4 wheels, the Legacy can engage in emergency response or patrol, no matter the weather. Decked out with camera systems and radar, the Legacy would be used for patrol and roadside speed monitoring.

Honda CRV Utility Undercover

The Honda CRV is the new utility addition to the force. With over 1100L of cargo space, the CRV would be deployed for accident and emergency response, equipped with first aid kits, traffic bollards and the latest in digital road signage. Also, with the addition of 4WD, the CRV would be used everywhere, from the remote countryside, to bustling city centres.

Our new fleet will be rolled out within the next few months. You will see them hit the roads, and contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


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